Saturday, November 12, 2005

Post #1

Well, I actually have a blog of my own, but here I am. What prompted me here to blogspot is (was depending on if you're reading this at some point in the future) a situation that's been going on over at PHPDN (PHP Developers Network). I, among others, was part of a moderator team for a message board that has been around since 1991. Over time, another individual by the name of Noel Darlow (McGruff on the board) became Site Admin. The original Site Admin, Jason Lottito got too busy with his own business to devote effort to the PHPDN community.

That said, there have been a growing numbers of complaints about McGreivous....err.....McGruff that culminated in the last couple of days with a request from the Mods that he step down as the administrator. Ultimately, it concerns his callous attitude towards those that don't follow his views and his inflammatory comments that seem to fly in the face of rules he is quick to enforce.

So what right? Well, as a result of this, he shut the board down for a period of time starting yesterday afternoon. When it came back on line, all of the moderator team and notable others were banned and the entire General Moderator sub-section of the community was simply deleted. He also changed the admin panel password and even went so far as to change the email address that the board uses to send messages from that of the owner to his own.

In others words, this guy has HIJACKED A SITE THAT BELONGS TO A COMMUNITY! NOT HIM! For those that study Social Software, this is absolutely amazing!

Anyway, the admin group is hard at work trying to deal with the issue, but one notable member has a blog here. And since I'd like to comment on his blog, I needed to sign up don't I?

So if you are curious as to how this plays out, please visit Bug Juice.

And don't worry. Not everything I post here is going to be ranting about this. LOL


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