Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vandana revisited

You were there, as you've always been
holding my heart with delicacy and honesty
as you always have

Yours, the pump of a stone cold killer
That tiny core of anger,
clothed in the lines of determination.
My majestic
My beautiful

Where have I been that your love seems so new found?
To whose arms have I wandered?
Un-pure and infirm
In whose hands have I placed my gentle core
to be fumbled and treated roughly?
To what place have I gone, that you've not recieved the attention promised?

My truest love,
beaming through that morning fog
and in our coupling, amplifying my anger
You shook me to the surface with pressure and roar
And cradled me with acceleration
You planted my feet while bathing me in light
And caressed me with subtle drifts

And in our coupling, you amplified my anger

Together, we sang with rage and cracked the mantle
Together, we crushed impediments and tore at their ears
Together, we purred and cooed in the pure calm of velocity
Together, we gave no quarter to infidelity
Or at least you did,
for I wandered and gave my chest to another
who even now tramples me into the depths of a damp hot earth
and drains the container of my concern

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