Monday, February 11, 2008

Free at last? Can someone help with distraction avoidance?

I think I got my answer yesterday, however slyly.

But that's just fine too. I'm pretty damn good at reading between the lines.

And that's just as well too since I've suspected the person of having the delicacy of a drunken bull in a china shop. No more of those.

And it's just as well as I never wanted to be in that place.

But best of all, there was the extra energy last night. Energy that was hard to shut off or wear out. Energy that kept me going doing things that needed to be done around the house until around 2AM as the temperature plummeted and the cat followed me around wondering what I was singing.

I think I was mad. Pissed as a matter of fact!

Or perhaps it was Cyndi, the tall gorgeous black haired girl that demanded my attention while I was trying to read in a taqueria in Hyde Park.

Or perhaps it was the hostess who 5 minutes after Cyndi took off came over and yakked at me for an hour.

What the hell? I just wanted to read and listen to music. Yeah, both of those girls were gorgeous and awesome. Yeah, I day dreamed about swapping spit with them. But I also was daydreaming while driving home and listening to Pinback about ingesting more information from the book I was trying to read.

And a better burrito too, but that's a different story.

But whatever.... I don't know that/if I care that much all of sudden. I've got a car to ____ken build! It would nice if some of you arsehats can stay out of my sky!

Yeah, I'm pissed!

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