Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yeah! Turbine Dump V 2.0 is up!

After numerous bug fixes and the addition of an intercooler category, the latest updates and additions to Turbine Dump are live! I'm amazed at how successful the whole update process was too. But then I also spent about a week testing alone.But you never know. Besides, the places I've worked in the past and things I've done over time tells me that this is a process rife with danger and the lielihood of explosion.Normally something in the system somewhere ends up foo bar'd.

Apparrently I got lucky this time. W00T!1!1

Now to just move forward with the evangelizing. A couple of hoodies on the right bodies and some pleading to those with product to sell and we'll see where we go from here.Well, I know where I'm going from here, but a good deal of that is secret. :-)

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