Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've never been one for binds. Or at least less and less everyday. But a bind nonetheless is here.

Once again I am multiply engaged! A furball with two immediate threats and a deep yearning for a distant and greying objective. But let's let the truth be known shall we. I am The Brown Bear and I'm playing with these guys. But for each target, the nature of the play is different and in time, they'll both be splashed in their own unique way. But until that time, let's just manuever. Let's bring one in close and put distance on the other. Let's confound the intent of one and trap the manuevering of the other with an embrace of concern.

There will be no kills from this engagement.

But alas, my dearest objective is WINCHESTER, BINGO, and RTB to a place I know not. I miss her, my fellow Saint and embracemate, our feet on deck on the Oriskany.

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