Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh Grace, please let me go!

I'm STILL at work! At least I'm about to leave. The problem right now is that it's too hard to get up. I've knocked over a ton of code today and this project is lookin' mad toite yo! LOL!

Another problem is that same old problem that is very good at grabbing me from time to time. Music! "So who is it this time", you're asking?

That's Grace Valhalla. It's essentially Ambient Electronica. And it's rockin'! Music in the vien of Juno Reactor and Orbital. She's using some awesome sounds too. Some of that stuff reminds me of my old Yamaha TG-33 tone generator. A good deal of it's rather warm and analog sounding. Good stuff.

Of course, I've just restarted 'Empty' on the "Peak" album. Man, this isn't helping my exit from the building one bit.

Anyway, she deserves notice if you're into that kind of thing. Check her out at one (or both) of the below links.


And make a point of checking out Jamendo. Too many good artists there to ignore.

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