Thursday, August 14, 2008


My 244 (Motoko) has been running Hi-Z 42lb hour injectors for a while now. Something that is a problem with LH 2.4 is the fact that while it can accommodate injectors that are a good deal larger then stock, it makes no provision for them during closed loop operation and you therefore end up with a very rich running car.

There is a fix, but it can rather dangerous. That is is skewing the signal (via adding resistance) to the signal from the AMM (or MAF) to the ECU. The danger comes in the fact that the ECU see's this as a far lower bit of air that's reaching the system and therefore runs ignition timing that is more advanced then it would be otherwise. If your car was prone to ping before, it's going to be real bad after.

In my case, the head grooving means it's a non-issue. Woot! The results, other then a much better WOT AFR and less fuel waste, is a far livelier car. It's now very very smooth at idle and low speeds. Acceleration has seen a marked improvement. I really expect to see an increase in mileage with this change. If I don't, I'll be very very surprised.

Let's keep our fingers crossed shall we?

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