Thursday, March 20, 2008

Perhaps I'm getting too much lovin' these days.

I sware I love my cars. Both Volvo. Both Turbocharged. Both making far more power then stock.Both are a blast to drive being that they are rear wheel drive. Making a left this morning, I get the back out. While hanging out there, it decides to slide what was prolly another ten degrees to the right and was really sideways at that point, but still kickin' tail too. I let it hang out a little more and it swings gently back to the left for a bit before straigthening out.

I've been addicted this crap for far too long now mate!

Not really believing that a 240, much less a Volvo can bust a grape? How this pic?

That's not my car BTW. I can only hope my project car comes out that nice when it's done.

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Stratis said...

My friend's 89' 240 is stock and in near perfect condition.

I wonder though what kind of money goes into something that nice.