Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Special people

Chatting with a freind reminded me of a couple of people that are absolutely amazing and incredible to me. Fridah Kahlo (from a time well before that dumb Hollywood movie!) and Suzanna Samuelson.

I origonally spun off into this bit of rememberance when a freind said something that made me think of one of Fridah's paintings. Fridah Kahlo is one of my two fav artists (the other being Eyvind Earl), an amazing individual, and a beautiful woman. Concerning the "beautiful" part (on a purely physical level), our tossed up American society most likely won't think so. She has some hardcore eyebrow action jumping off and didn't shave her armpits. Being Mexican, especially in todays racist climate, doesn't help if trying to make an impression on the sea of dolts.

But whatever! I couldn't care less what people think! She was simply incredible. I wish I could've met her.

If you are remotely interested, read the link to the wiki entry above.

Suzanna is a freind from my late teens and through most of my 20's. She too is an artist. She is another amazing person with a person that I was ultimately invested tons of emotional energy in. She had a huge effect on me. Effects that would ultimately teach me some serious lessons. Seeing pictures of her reminds me of just how incredibly awesome she is. I can't begin to explain and would really rather not try.

So I'll just post a couple of pics. :-)

The pictures of Suzanna are from a blog entry at Tow ( Here. I better give credit where credit is due eh?

kthanxbye! LOL

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