Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sia! Moon!

I've been a slow lazy dolt about keeping up with Sia, but today while listening to an internet radio station that I actually stumbled into, I heared "Moon". What a killer song!

I know of Sia from Zero 7. I was knocked over by songs like Somersault (which had one of the sweetest vids I'd ever seen), Speed Dial, and Destiny. Yet for some reason I've been slow on the uptake of her solo stuff.

That's about to change.

About that station, it's called Lush. It's a
channel that for some strange reason, is not listed on their home page. I was litteraly screwing around with XMMS and the ip address of the feed for the Digitalis channel with I found this and struck paydirt! If you are a Linux user using XMMS, chose the "add url" utility and enter "". Winamp has the ability to do so as well, but not using Windows for years now I don't remember how.

Anyway, they just started playing "Somersault" by Zero 7. This station is the bomb rip!

Here is the Somersault vid I mentioned earlier. Thanx Youtube!

And what's a post about a favorite without pics?

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