Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dragonfly down

It seems a friend of mine has gone away. At least I got a chance to send her a note. At least I got a chance to tell her how much I've missed her. To tell her how important she is to me and just how much affect she's had on my life.

Losing her the first time is what I imagine a parent feels when losing a child. An eternity of emptiness that ebbs away so slowly as to be barely noticeable. You just get used to it. You just become accustomed to feeling as tho you are wasting away, starving, and unable to breathe. Crushed!

How do you choke off love? How do you kill longing?

It's not easily or often that someone bores into me in this manner. That someone turns into a weed that grows in me stealthily. By the time I was aware, I was completely coopted. The daily injection of her was so regular, how could I have know that I was addicted? How could I have known that there was a dependence on her dry wit? How could I have known?

This is the price I pay for being open I guess. But if the alternative is cold brutishness, I'll take my chances.

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