Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yeah, this is where I'm at right now.

On the car front, I pay for some of the bottom end and other custom work today. Woot! My machinist is an awesome guy with tons of experience. He has a gorgeous Stingray Vette that is in immaculate shape.

I drool!

So the block has been cleaned, some timing holes drilled in a cam gear, and my strut tower brace has been reworked a little. Now to buy pistons and bearings.

I also payed for my Cossie (Cosworth) .48 T3 hotside today. Woot!

I'm getting pretty close know to just being able to send it, an extra CHRA and some doe to G-Pop shop and have them build the custom unit I'm after. A T3/T4 with the Cossie hotside and a T04E 50 trim cold side. I just think I better pay for those pistons first.

Oh well

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